Lady Hill 2015 "Procedo" Barbera

Lady Hill 2015 "Procedo" Barbera

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Fellow wine lovers, Jerry Owen, co-founder of Owen Roe, broke away from that winery and started a new one of his own called Lady Hill Winery. Under the Lady Hill moniker, he has introduced a lineup of wines called "Procedo", meaning "to move forward", with a focus of grapes from Red Willow Vineyard. He is joined by winemaker Dan Duryee, formerly of Cana’s Feast.

Lady Hill "Procedo" Barbera

Red Willow Vineyard offers some of the older plantings of Italian grapes in the Pacific Northwest , including Barbera and Sangiovese. In 1973, owners Mike and Karen Sauer let their passions sway them towards planting what were virtually unknown grapes in that area and time.

A nice concentrated profile of dark fruits accents the wine's plush and smooth texture. Ripe boysenberry notes, deep plumy flavors, and black cherry characteristics are nuanced by utterances of smoke, licorice, and vanilla. The wine is a little jammy, with lush mouthfeel. If you're into Zinfandel or Dolcetto, but haven't tried Barbera, this is likely the wine for you. A great companion for hardy yet light-hearted fare such as meatball with tomato sauce, grilled meats, charcuterie, cheese plates. It's a great deal at ten dollars off, and we have just over 3 cases available on Impulse today.

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