De Faveri Prosecco “Millesimato” Valdobbiadene

De Faveri Prosecco “Millesimato” Valdobbiadene


Fellow wine lovers, Prosecco is experiencing a new wave of popularity. It’s always been a fairly popular wine, but lately it’s become so in-demand that some claim there is a worldwide shortage of the bubbly beverage. Luckily, I’m not seeing a Prosecco famine looming here in Seattle, but I just in case one should pop up… I’ve held off on featuring a Prosecco until I find a distinct enough one, and today’s De Faveri Prosecco “Millesimato” is pretty distinct. I’m sure you’ve had regular Prosecco before, but have you had a vintage Prosecco?

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Non-vintage wines are pretty standard in the world of sparkling wines such as Prosecco, Champagne, and Cava, but the single vintage stuff is regarding as being extra special for the way it expresses the unique conditions of the year within which the grapes are harvested, since every year is different from the last in terms of rain, sun, clouds, wind and other climatic events. This De Faveri Prosecco is all from the 2015 vintage and made using Glera, which is the grape of choice when making Prosecco. Compared to Champagne from France, Prosecco is lighter and fresher with brighter fruit tones, and less of the savory notes of toast and cheese which Champagne often has. De Faveri’s “Millesimato” is fresh indeed, perfect for sunny days to come. It tickles the palate with lightweight bubbles of medium size, and notes of mountain flowers, honeydew, and pear. A very easy going wine.

Region: Valdobbiadene DOCG, Prosecco, Veneto, Italy Grape(s): 100% Glera Aging: Primary and Secondary Fermentation in Stainless Steel Drinkability: Now through 2018 Body: Medium-Light Drink This if you Like: Prosecco, Cava Food Pairing: Prosciutto and Melon

Cheers Yashar