Famiglia Pasqua 2017 "11 Minutes Rosé"

Famiglia Pasqua 2017 "11 Minutes Rosé"


Fellow wine lovers, the Famiglia Pasqua was founded nearly a century ago in Verona, Italy- the same town where Romeo & Juliet lived. Here the Pasqua family first set out to make classical Italian wines of the Veneto region, such as Valpolicella, and have now even progressed to making fashionable rosé, such as today's 11 Minutes Rosé.

Famiglia Pasqua "11 Minutes Rosé"

The name 11 Minutes Rosé refers to the duration of time the grape skins and juices are in contact, allowing for only a very soft hue of pink pigment to be extracted. This rosé is a blend of 50% Corvina, 25% Trebbiano di Lugana, 15% Syrah, 10% Carmenère, aged in stainless steel for approximately four months. The Corvina brings a floral quality to the mix, along with balancing acidity, while the Trebbiano helps to round out the middle while lengthening the finish. Syrah gives 11 Minutes Rosé some extra oompf as well as some fresh fruit notes, and the Carmenère adds a hint of spice. 

The 11 Minutes Rosé comes in a really fun package, which is sure to catch the eyes of your friends when you take it to the next summer get-together. With mild notes of strawberries, citrus, and jasmine, it's perfect for sunny weather and for pairing with the foods you're bound to enjoy this summer.

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