Delivery & shipping

Delivery and Shipping

We’re currently offering free delivery in the Seattle and Bellevue. You can select the this option in the “shipping” portion of the checkout process. Since the wines we offer are often limited in nature, your order won’t be available immediately. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll need to confirm stock, and you’ll receive a confirmation. We will contact you to arrange a time and place for delivery where you, or someone else 21 years of age or older, can accept and sign for the deliver. If you work in an office where there’s always someone available, or live in a condo or other type of residence with a concierge or front desk person on staff, those would be ideal for delivery.

Additionally, if you have a wine storage locker, we can offer free delivery to your wine storage unit. Below are some of the providers in the area.

– Seattle Wine Storage
– Wine Storage Bellevue
– Elliott Avenue Wine Storage
– Phenol55
– Eastside Wine Storage

You can also have your wines shipped via FedEx, for which standard shipping fees apply. In order to keep the wines from becoming damaged, we don’t ship during hot or cold seasons, so generally wines will be sent out during the Spring or Fall.

Return Policy

Returns Policy

Corked wines can be exchanged any time for fresh bottle. Please do not dump out the wine, just re-cork the mostly full bottle and return it to Impulse Wine.

Studies show that approximately 8% of wine can be corked. This is not a reflection on the quality of the wine, it is more or less by chance. Wine can be corked regardless of quality or price, as “corked” wine refers to a fault stemming from the cork itself, which then contaminates the wine. It’s not the wine’s fault…

Other Returns and Exchanges

If you want to return or exchange a wine for any other reason, we ask that you do so within 14 day.

Please contact

Returns and exchanges can be resolved within approximately 2-10 days


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