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Alleromb Impulse: Alleromb Cabernet & Chardonnay

Fellow wine lovers, I recently had the pleasure of trying the latest from Alleromb Winery. If you’re not yet familiar, this is a new project by Aryn Morell, winemaker of Tenor Wines and Matthews Winery. Alleromb is his own winery, which he debuted just last year; you can review my original offering of his very first release by clicking here.

While I was there tasting Aryn’s newest releases, Chardonnay and Cabernet, I also got to re-taste the wines from the original Alleromb release, the Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, and Grenache/Syrah Blend. For those who jumped on that initial offering, I’m happy to report back that they’re evolving very nicely, and drinking rather handsomely right now.

Coming from a background of working with cult Napa producers like Harlan Estate, Colgin, Sloan, and Screaming Eagle, Aryn’s goal with Alleromb is to produce a wine with the same level of quality and attention to detail as those highly acclaimed Californians, but here in Washington State.

Alleromb 2012 La Reyna Blanca Vineyard Chardonnay $44

The Chardonnay stuns, with appeal for those who love the Napa style, as well as the Washington style. Fermented and aged 6 months in 39% new French oak, 54% once used, 7% neutral, the wood is well integrated giving hints of vanilla and toast, balanced by bright acidity. For those who prefer their Chardonnay light and crisp, there is no malolactic fermentation here, meaning there’s no butteriness, just a fresh citrus quality.

“Crushed rocks, white blossoms and lemon curd. A light touch of fresh nutmeg and light spices. Swirling brings a gorgeous floral and yellow tree fruit perfume. A hint of lightly caramelized sugar balances the more angular and effusive nature of this cool site. This pulses with energy and verve, with minerals and citrus complementing the more tropical fruit. The palate is vibrant, polished and crisp. Enough texture for early pleasure with structure to age gracefully.”

Really great with food or all by itself. Aryn made 320 cases of this beauty, and I’m able to offer 5 of them.

Region: Columbia Valley, Washington
Vineyard: La Reyna Blanca Vineyard
Grape: 100% Chardonnay – 46% Clone 76, 39% Clone 95, 15% Clone 96
Aging: Fermented and aged 6 months in 39% new French oak, 54% once used, 7% neutral
Drinkability: Now through 2016
Food Pairings: Crab and corn bisque, seared scallops, risotto
Production: 320 cases
Availability: 5 cases

Alleromb 2010 Scarline Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon $88

The Cabernet is my favorite of the line up, from this release and the previous one. It’s everything I want in a full bodied Cab, with smooth refined tannins, wonderful purity of fruit, and great structure. Aged a solid 24 months in 100% new French oak, it doesn’t come off overly oaked, yet the palate has serious stuffing. With lots of blackberries, hints of anise and black pepper, I’m really excited to see how this one will develop as it ages.

“Red bramble fruit, red currants, violets, licorice and spice. Stunning purity and focus and with a little air shows more supple red and black currants mixed with fresh bing cherries. Swirling releases torrents of spice, currants, dried strawberry and plum skin. The palate is fresh and taut with ripe and concentrated fruit, sweet tannin and framework to age for decades. A cool vintage and a high elevation site make for a tightly bound and impressively pure Cabernet.”

Alleromb WineAryn made a mere 105 cases of the Cab, and I’m really excited to be able to offer 4 of those cases.

Region: Columbia Valley, Washington
Vineyard: Scarline Vineyard
Grape: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon 51.4% Clone 2 / 48.6% Clone 6
Aging: Fermented and aged 24 months in 100% new French oak, 100% Allain Fouquet 500 Liter puncheons
Drinkability: Now through 2024
Food Pairings: Fillet Mignon, Tenderloin, grilled vegetables
Production: 105 cases
Availability: 4 cases

Alleromb 2012 Sauv Blanc, 2010 Grenache Blend & 2010 Grenache

Hi everyone, just a reminder that if you’ve ordered wine any time after June 12th, your account is now set up in such a way that you can conveniently order via email. All you have to do is reply to this email with a “I’ll take 6 bottles of the Syrah” or whichever wine you’d like. Please be specific about which wine, and please include your full name.

Aryn Morell is one of the most ambitious young winemakers in Washington, having moved here in 2007 from California, where he worked closely with some of Napa’s $500+ per bottle winemakers. With his background in the elite world of impossible to obtain, and beyond impossible to afford “cult” Napa wines, he has his eyes set squarely on shattering the ceiling at the top of iconic Washington wines.

For the past six years he’s been making the very stylish Tenor Wines, as well as Matthews Winery and Gard Vintners, while working on his own special project behind the scenes. Finally ready, his Alleromb Wines are being made available, and I had the fortune of being in the very small group of tasters present at the official release party. I spoke with many of the other attendees and the response was sensational, with the whole lot nearly sold out by the end.

Referred to as “luxurious” by wine reviewer Chris Nishiwaki of 425 Magazine, Alleromb is something of a must-have for the wine collector with a firm sense of one-upsmanship. A trophy on the mantel for those who seek bragging rights, with a quip of “You haven’t had those wines yet? Well, I have two cases in my cellar… Neener Neener!”

Alleromb 2012 Sauvignon Blanc
La Reyna Blanca Vineyard, Columbia Valley

This up and coming vineyard is in Frenchman Hills area and is planted with what the French call the “musqué” clone of Sauvignon Blanc. As the name suggests, this well liked variation of Sauv Blanc is known for having exceptional aromatics and is far less prone to having green, vegetal, flavors. This is vital given that these vines are planted at a cool 1,640 feet, making them some of the highest plots in the region. This wine is dry with ripe notes of apples, pineapples, lemons, and guava. There’s also a smokey, flinty, note which I often enjoy in finer French Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fermented and aged three and a half months in 57% new French oak barrel, 12% once used French oak, and 31% Stainless steel, receiving the best of all three worlds with weight, nuance, and purity.

180 cases
12 bottles available, first come first serve

Aryn is most proud of his red wines which are fermented in special, open top, 500 Liter French oak barrels known as “puncheons”. A true believer in the ageability of his wines, he’s insists that we should wait at least another five to ten years before drinking them. I’ve no doubt that the wines will only get more complex with time, but I won’t tip Aryn off if you choose to pop them open sooner rather than later.

Alleromb 2010 Red Wine 77% Grenache, 23% Syrah

This is a Grenache grown from the highly prized Tablas Creek clones, which trace their origin back to the the famed Château de Beaucastel in Châteauneuf du Pape, where Grenache is king. Arguably, it’s the advent of this clone which is giving rise to the Grenache renaissance in both Washington and California. This is a really elegant wine with notes of rose petals, orange peel, and Herbes de Provence. There are also denser notes of black pepper, ripe cherries and chocolate ganache, but the wine never comes off heavy or unbalanced. Unfiltered and pure, this blend is smooth on the palate, with a very polished tannin structure.

Fermented and aged 21 months in 50% new French oak barrels 50% once used French oak
110 cases produced
10 bottles available

Alleromb 2010 Scarline Vineyard Syrah

Featured here is the Joseph Phelps clone of Syrah, which is known to have deep flavors of black fruits and a plush mouthfeel. The wine shows silent strength, leading with the fennis of vanilla, toasted spices and framboise, then climaxing with the brawn of blackberries and cherries, smoked meats, and cocoa nibs. It’s big, full, and juicy with earthy tobacco qualities resulting from the 15% stem inclusion in the fermentation. Syrah is not often revered for its acidity, but the Alleromb delivers a balanced structure that will allow it to age for several years.

Fermented and aged 21 months in 100% new French oak
165 cases made
6 bottles available